How to Prepare for Commercial Property Inspections in Raleigh

How to Prepare for Commercial Property Inspections in Raleigh

Commercial inspections are important to catch things you don't immediately see on the surface. For example, small plumbing leaks and your building can waste approximately 10,000 gallons of water annually.

Failing a building inspection could mean having your building access restricted to the public, which renders your business ineffective and loses you money. Inspections are also used to make sure that tenants aren't violating commercial lease agreements.

Preparing for an inspection will help you make sure that it's done correctly and in line with your goals. Keep reading to learn more about commercial property inspections.

Notify the Tenant

Make sure to notify tenants that an inspection is taking place. It is customary to give 24-hour notice so that they are expecting you or an inspector to enter the building. Make sure that you also cite the reason for the inspection and the time frame in which you expect it to occur.

In some cases, you might be inspecting the property to see if a lease violation has occurred. Cite the section of the lease on the notice so that the tenant is aware.

Understand Your State and Local Building Codes

Familiarize yourself with North Carolina and Raleigh commercial building codes. This allows you to conduct the inspection in line with these standards. Examples of codes that an inspection deals with include making sure the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are on and working, inspecting electrical fixtures, and ensuring that the building has adequate lighting and ventilation.

You must also have a fire extinguisher that is accessible and easy to get to. Keeping your building up to code can save you a lot of money in the long run and prevent liabilities.

Know Your Objectives

Always know what you are looking for in a commercial building inspection. Since it is a commercial building, these objectives are sometimes industry-specific. For example, inspectors also often check the kitchen hood of a restaurant to keep fire risks at a minimum. There are also several specific details that you check for when inspecting a hospital, warehouse, hotel, or parking structure.

When working with a professional inspector, inform them about any timetables or deadlines you are up against when getting an inspection so that it's handled correctly and on time.

Work With a Professional

Above all, hire the help of credible professionals to handle your inspection. Working with a property management company can give you some leads on inspectors so that the work is handled diligently and correctly.

Find out their specialties and arrange for their help whenever you need commercial property inspections. Check their certifications to make sure that the company is able to look into the ventilation, building structure, roofing, and other important elements.

Handle Your Property Inspections

These tips are useful so that you know how to handle a commercial building inspection. Stay on top of these details so that you protect your investments and take care of your tenants.

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