Sustainable Property Management: Eco-Friendly Practices for Commercial Properties

Sustainable Property Management: Eco-Friendly Practices for Commercial Properties

What does "going green" mean in property management?

More real estate investors are deciding to green their practices for various reasons, from financial to marketing.

If you're just getting into property ownership, you'll notice more cities are encouraging owners to install solar panels, a move that can save over $1,500 in energy annually.

Commercial property owners also have a marketing opportunity on their hands. A growing demographic of consumers prefer to do business with companies that integrate eco-friendly practices into their business models.

Here's a closer look at the details behind sustainable property management.

Eco-Friendly Property Maintenance

One of the primary roles of a property manager is to oversee a commercial building's maintenance protocol. As a commercial property owner, you understand this process requires industrial-strength products.

A property manager will access their network of local vendors to find the right janitorial service for your building. If you're concerned about sustainability, your manager will look for a service that specializes in eco-friendly maintenance specifically.

What does this look like?

Your building manager will hire cleaning services that only use eco-friendly products. For example, floor cleaning solutions will be free from hazardous chemicals; even the packaging is biodegradable. These products don't have ammonia, chlorine, or lye, ingredients found in traditional commercial cleaning solutions.

Instead, an eco-friendly cleaning service may use solutions formulated with citric acid, essential oils, and baking soda.

These services also include mold inhibitors and natural disinfectants.

Eco-friendly plumbing services also exist.

For example, chemical-based drain cleaners can irreparably damage pipes, which is especially dangerous for older pipes. Instead, these plumbers rely on heavy-duty snaking tools to remove the worst clogs and apply green solutions when a cleaner is necessary.

Commercial property owners can cut down on service costs by practicing better plumbing habits. You can avoid clogs by installing sink drain catchers and optimizing employee handbooks with drain do's and don'ts.

Eco-friendly practices also include replacing chemical-based handwashes with green alternatives with antimicrobial lavender solutions.

Paper-Free Sustainable Property Management

You can say goodbye to wasteful paper use, as well. Partner with a property management company that integrates digital tools into its model. This includes 100% digital-based documents, online owner portals, and maintenance request portals.

Property managers streamline communication through email and online portals. Commercial owners are given portal login information where they can view important documents, upcoming inspection notices, and maintenance status updates.

Green-Friendly Marketing

Did you know you can attract commercial tenants with eco-friendly practices?

Sustainable property management is a selling point for tenants who want to attract green-conscious consumers themselves. Include this commitment in your marketing material when promoting commercial spaces online.

You can also invest in green-friendly seals of approval to post on interior walls or discuss certain green cleaning products in real estate listing copy.

Go Green!

Now is the perfect time to capitalize on sustainable property management. Learn more about green-friendly property maintenance, work with a company that leverages digital communication, and include this trend in your marketing material.

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