The Top Tenant Portal Features for Landlords in Raleigh, NC

The Top Tenant Portal Features for Landlords in Raleigh, NC

If you have tenants behind on the rental payments, you aren't alone. Nearly 20% of American renters are behind on rental payments. While there are many reasons for this, one is the difficulty tenants face paying rent.

One of the most helpful technology tools a landlord could have is a tenant portal. Tenants appreciate having a portal that includes these useful features.

Monthly Rental Payment

The most crucial piece of landlord advice is to use real estate technology for monthly rental payments. This one secret for success is what industry experts use to boost on-time rent payments significantly.

Tenants are significantly more likely to pay their rent on time when you make it easy. An online portal allows tenants to pay at any time. You can also offer multiple payment methods.

The tenant portal can connect with your management portal to make it easier to track payments.

Important Documentation

While you track documents as part of your property management, your tenant may not be careful with their documents. Consider offering a benefit that a full-service property management service provides.

Create a document section in your tenant portal. This could include the original application, lease, and rent payment receipts.

FAQs and General Questions

Instead of answering common questions repeatedly, create a FAQ or general questions page in the tenant portal. It can include several categories of information that the tenant may need.

For example, you could include answers about the maintenance request process or the move-in and move-out process.

If you have a standard lease, you could include standard policies that appear in the lease. For example, when rent is due, late fees, and pet policy. You could also include excerpts of the relevant North Carolina landlord-tenant law.

Maintenance Request Form

Your tenant portal must have a maintenance request form. When a request gets submitted, it should automatically log into a maintenance management portal for you. That way, you can manage the status of all maintenance requests in a single place.

The tenant should also be able to see the status of their requests in their portal. This will help set their expectations on when the request will get addressed and resolved. With this process, you reduce the number of inquiries from tenants asking about the status of their request.

Contact Information

Make it easy for your tenants to find the right person to talk to. Include a contact page in your rental software. This makes tenant management easier because the tenant can directly communicate with the person most able to help them.

The tenant will get help quickly. You will spend less time fielding tenant needs and redirecting them to the correct person. This reduces everyone's stress level and increases your tenant's satisfaction.

Start Using a Tenant Portal

A well-designed tenant portal can significantly enhance the landlord-tenant relationship. By providing tenants with the tools and resources they need, you not only reduce stress levels but also increase tenant satisfaction. The experienced team at PMI Capital City RTP can help landlords set up a tenant portal that includes these crucial features.

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